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Unlock The Latest "Trade Secrets" of The Top 0.1% Webinars & Keep Discovering New Ways To Increase Sales Conversions.

Be Inspired By The Webinar Giants
Who Are Selling Profitably At Scale

Discover the Game-Changing Trade Secrets in Just 2 Steps...

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[Trade Secrets #1]
Attract Prospects:

Browse the most successful ad and landing page combinations that are generating tens of thousands of webinar signups.

[Trade Secrets #2]
Convert Sales:

Watch the webinar highlights that are converting $millions of sales. 100s of hours of webinar footage analyzed. Learn on-the-go.

[Trade Secrets #3]
Scale Profitably:

Discover the email sequences that drive up profitability. Keep on optimizing by learning from the newest webinars added weekly.


Step 1:
Browse Niche & Strategy

The Webinar Rich List analyzes the latest top-performing, sales webinar funnels, adding more than 30 each month.

Find ones aligned to your business & learn to scale profitability.


Step 2:
The Registration Funnel

How do you attract prospects that are ready to buy your products?

Use our analysis & library to discover perfect ad & lander partnerships. Learn how they attract and persuade hot prospects to sign up.


Step 3:
Learn Fast With Highlights

How do you transition from free content to sales pitch? What sales-styles convert $millions? What do I need to say to convert sales?

Learn from 100s of webinar highlights tagged by key moment.

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Step 4:
Profit-Making Follow-Ups

Email follow-up is where the most profit is generated.

Find out which email sequences work best and how you can structure your own to maximize your conversions.

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”
Sir Isaac Newton

What Will YOU Learn From The Pros?

Watch 100s of webinar highlights and learn how the pros transition perfectly from free content to sales pitch.

The library only includes the tops sales webinars ranked by a combination of factors including volume. You will be able to find out what types of products are selling the most in webinars each month.

Browse the strategy overviews for each webinar and quickly locate the webinars that are doing big numbers with appointment booking as their call-to-action.

The most important facts, such as offer price, are summarized for you to quickly scan and see how the experts structure their webinars.

The Webinar Rich List includes a broad range of niches. Find the one most similar to yours and be inspired by their ads. 

An eye-opening experience is watching the webinar highlights of the most successful and see how their very different styles still deliver huge sales numbers.

There are key moments in webinar scripts that turn signups into paying clients. 

Find out what is said and adapt this content to fit your niche and target clients.




Alongside the webinar script, the slides support the message that you need to communicate to your audience.

See how The Webinar Rich List design and use slides to keep their audience focused on their message and increase conversion rates. 

Every member of The Webinar Rich List has an awesome offer that makes prospects want to take action. 

Easily browse through all the different offer structures and figure out which one could be the basis for your next webinar.  


View probably the largest, fresh library of webinar landing pages and be inspired by the many different successful ways to convert traffic into signups.

An overview of each of The Webinar Rich List’s email follow-up campaigns provides an unrivalled insight into how the most successful sales webinars convert generate a majority of their profit.

Full Access Membership


Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a no-quibble, full refund guarantee up to 30 days after you have purchased your beta membership.

Just email support@thewebinarrichlist.com to request it. It will be processed immediately. 

The Webinar Rich List uses a number of data sources to determine traffic flow, ad spend and webinar throughput to determine our rankings. 

We do offer a built-for-you funnel solution. 

This service is only available to qualifying customers who take the Beta Deal.

More information is available once you are part of the beta program.

We only have one high-ticket offer where we provide a built-for-you funnel service. 

There is no other upsell related to The Webinar Rich List library and analysis – you gain full access for the one-time price.

No-More Costly Guess-Work & Heartache.

Every success involves implementing an idea; testing it; going through the heartache of seeing it fail. And then try again until something works.

Why put yourself through that?

Give yourself a huge head start, save a lot of pain & unlock the secrets for just $147/m.

Your Short-Cut To Success...

You are busy and your time can be better spent than on figuring out sales webinars.

(Warning: As it can be an endless expedition.)

Get on with more important things in your business and life. Use The Webinar Rich List analysis to fast-track your journey.

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100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not completely satisfied just let us know within 30 days for a full, no-quibble refund.

DNA of The 0.1%

Even though their niches couldn't be more different (from interior design to entrepreneurship; from music to telco; and we could go on) The Webinar Rich List has discovered the DNA that they are all built from.

Now you too can learn & embed this DNA into your sales webinars to start shifting the odds of success in your favor.

YOUR Game-Changer...

Discover the secrets of the most successful webinars making money now & skip the 100s of hours and $1,000s of testing that it takes to figure out how sales webinars convert profitably.

1. Landing Pages;
2. Facebook/Instagram Ads;
3. Webinar script highlights;
4. Email follow-up sequences (subjects);
5. Sales Pitches Video Clips;
6. Strategy Overviews;
7. Details Webinar Offers;
8. Winning Slides With Analysis
9. Closing Techniques Video Clips;
10. Objection handling Video Clips;
11. Pricing Strategies.

Learn everything you need to build a profitable sales webinar funnel for your niche.

"If You Want to Sell Profitably & at Scale, the Library with Analysis is a Game-Changer."